DelRay Fabrics Does International Quilt Market, Portland OR

Posted by delrayfabrics on Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

We're Back!

Well, actually we've been back for a few weeks. But before you get all excited and think this is going to be a fun 

Pam-style blog update - DON'T. This is Kim, Pam's personal meteorologist and social media coordinator. I bet you didn't know that about Pam, did you? Yeah, she's a real weather scaredy cat. Big time. Can't go anywhere without me telling her how the weather might impact her. That said, going to quilt market has its perks. I got to tweet/instagram my way through the show room floor.

Also along for the trip was long arm quilter extraordinaire Cindy and feminist embroidery pioneer Meredith. Above is a pic of the lovely threesome.

Portland was perfectly cloudy and comfortable (ideal weather if you ask me.) Even better, while we were noshing on the famous Voodoo Doughnuts (from the perky pink box- yes that is a maple bacon doughnut), we were missing the cicada invasion back east.


Speaking of nature, Heather Bailey did a great job incorporating the great outdoors inside her booth. She had real grass in there! But as neat as that was, I really liked hersuper-size-me embroidery on one of her walls. This was definitely an eye catcher and I am pretty sure her booth won one of the awards at market.

I won't hit you up about *every* booth at market, nor will I blah blah blah about *everything* Pam bought (but JUST YOU WAIT! I was drooling over her shoulder as she flipped her way though the samples!) Below are a few of the highlights.

Since I am the mother of a 2.5 year old and an 8 month old, I am doing BACKFLIPS off the couch over this Charley Harper line from Birch Organics. Yes PAM IS GETTING THE ENTIRE LINE and I could just interrupt this regularly scheduled program with a severe weather alert type ticker thing on your screen just to broadcast it to our nation's capital! It features birds from his renowned drawings.

What do you plan to make with this? Man do those leaves scream curtain panels to me. And I want to center that cardinal (Virginia's state bird, I might add) smack dab in the middle of a little dress for my daughter. I could go on and on! Next up, I think everyone is universally in love with anything Anna Maria Horner. Pam beefed up her Field Study collection with Anna's new linen version of this line. 

My heart goes aflutter when I hear the words Art Gallery. Pam was digging' Pat Bravo's Carnaby Street. You should have seen their booth at Sample Spree - it was INsane. I think I spent all my spending money just in that booth alone. You'll also be seeing Sarah Watson's new Indian Summer collection soon. Click HERE to watch an adorable video featuring Sarah's new collection :-)

Have you been following the cute @jenib320 on instagram? If you do, then you have seen her new Nordika collection. I can't wait to especially get my hands on her "Whimsicol" fabric in the color way "Tide". Here she is in her booth with Pam:

And finally, let me give you a little peek at some Japanese Fabric (oh my fingers shake so when I type that), specifically by Naomi Ito that the UPS man will be delivering to DelRay Fabrics. It's called "Birds Eye" and it is absolutely divine. Stop multitasking right now and look at this.

And don't think that's where the Japanese fabric party line ends. This love story goes on and on, right onto Pam's super-sturdy fabric shelves (need we remind you of THAT disaster?) Where else in the greater DC area can you find such a great selection of modern fabric? Get ready to spend a little moolah when this stuff comes in. Just keep repeating this to yourself: THOU ART WORTH IT.

So much Echino, so little time.

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And, oh heck, if you ever need a forecast for DC or wherever, I'd be happy to help you out. Just hit me up on Twitter. I'm @weatherkim