Posted by pamela on Sunday, February 14th, 2010

I've done it.  I'm here.  Blogging.  In Blog Land.  Please be gentle with me as I enter this new world/phase/adventure.  I promise to try very hard not to bore you, but hey, no one is perfect.

We have over two feet of snow here at Del Ray Fabrics and that has left me completely nauseous from eating huge piles of chocolate chip cookies.  Now that the cookies have lost their hold on me, I find myself with time to ponder and no good excuse for not blogging a bit, so here I am.

Del Ray Fabrics, as you may have noticed, has a bit of a fifities theme going on.  A vibe, if you will.  I can explain that.  It started with this:

jlambert (217x300)

Janet Lambert novels.  I found them in the Blacksburg, Virginia Public Library when I was 10 years old.  I read them all.  The Patty and Ginger stories were my favorites, not the least because Patty's boyfriend, Spark Plug, was dreamy.  Jut look at him there with his blond hair and smile.  I could not wait to be a teenager and have a Spark Plug all my own.  We would sit in a booth at the soda fountain after school, and go to sock hops and football games (Spark Plug was a Varsity star, of course), and drink coffee to feel like adults.

It didn't go that way.  It was 1975 when I turned into a teenager, and I did not know anyone named Spark Plug.  I did not make the cheerleading team.  I did not "go steady".  I did not pass go.  But a girl can dream.  I still love that Janet Lambert world and want to live there.  When I was a kid, department stores had a fabric section.  In the middle of the fabric section, there were long tables set up with chairs and big books of sewing patterns.  Some fabric stores still have these.  Del Ray Fabrics definitely does.  And I love to spend afternoons there looking at patterns and fabrics and dreaming.  Imagining myself in evening gowns and going to school ensembles like Ginger is wearing.  I haven't changed in that this phase is still my favorite part of sewing. 

I hope you are having lots of fabric dreams and inspiration!

I'll be back soon,