DelRay Fabrics Does International Quilt Market, Portland OR

04 Jun 2013

We're Back!

Well, actually we've been back for a few weeks. But before you get all excited and think this is going to be a fun 

Pam-style blog update - DON'T. This is Kim, Pam's personal meteorologist and social media coordinator. I bet you didn't know that about Pam, did you? Yeah, she's a real weather scaredy cat. Big time. Can't go anywhere without me telling her how the weather might impact her. That said, going to quilt market has its perks. I got to tweet/instagram my way through the show room floor.

Also along for the trip was long arm quilter extraordinaire Cindy and feminist embroidery pioneer Meredith. Above is a pic of the lovely threesome.

Portland was perfectly cloudy and comfortable (ideal weather if you ask me.) Even better, while we were noshing on the famous Voodoo Doughnuts (from the perky pink box- yes that is a maple bacon doughnut), we were missing the cicada invasion back east.


Speaking of nature, Heather Bailey did a great job incorporating the great outdoors inside her booth. She had real grass in there! But as neat as that was, I really liked hersuper-size-me embroidery on one of her walls. This was definitely an eye catcher and I am pretty sure her booth won one of the awards at market.

I won't hit you up about *every* booth at market, nor will I blah blah blah about *everything* Pam bought (but JUST YOU WAIT! I was drooling over her shoulder as she flipped her way though the samples!) Below are a few of the highlights.

Since I am the mother of a 2.5 year old and an 8 month old, I am doing BACKFLIPS off the couch over this Charley Harper line from Birch Organics. Yes PAM IS GETTING THE ENTIRE LINE and I could just interrupt this regularly scheduled program with a severe weather alert type ticker thing on your screen just to broadcast it to our nation's capital! It features birds from his renowned drawings.

What do you plan to make with this? Man do those leaves scream curtain panels to me. And I want to center that cardinal (Virginia's state bird, I might add) smack dab in the middle of a little dress for my daughter. I could go on and on! Next up, I think everyone is universally in love with anything Anna Maria Horner. Pam beefed up her Field Study collection with Anna's new linen version of this line. 

My heart goes aflutter when I hear the words Art Gallery. Pam was digging' Pat Bravo's Carnaby Street. You should have seen their booth at Sample Spree - it was INsane. I think I spent all my spending money just in that booth alone. You'll also be seeing Sarah Watson's new Indian Summer collection soon. Click HERE to watch an adorable video featuring Sarah's new collection :-)

Have you been following the cute @jenib320 on instagram? If you do, then you have seen her new Nordika collection. I can't wait to especially get my hands on her "Whimsicol" fabric in the color way "Tide". Here she is in her booth with Pam:

And finally, let me give you a little peek at some Japanese Fabric (oh my fingers shake so when I type that), specifically by Naomi Ito that the UPS man will be delivering to DelRay Fabrics. It's called "Birds Eye" and it is absolutely divine. Stop multitasking right now and look at this.

And don't think that's where the Japanese fabric party line ends. This love story goes on and on, right onto Pam's super-sturdy fabric shelves (need we remind you of THAT disaster?) Where else in the greater DC area can you find such a great selection of modern fabric? Get ready to spend a little moolah when this stuff comes in. Just keep repeating this to yourself: THOU ART WORTH IT.

So much Echino, so little time.

Stay tuned and be sure you're signed up to receive Pam's newsletter!

And, oh heck, if you ever need a forecast for DC or wherever, I'd be happy to help you out. Just hit me up on Twitter. I'm @weatherkim


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13 Dec 2012

Woo hoo!  Do not adjust your tv set, this is actually happening right here, right now.  I am actually Gettin' 'Er Done. I'm bloggin'.

This here is a Tutorial on how to make the perfect gift to amaze and awe your friends and family, which will totally annoy your sister who always has to be the center of attention, and win you many many bonus points leading to a large inheritance or perhaps, a new car. I love the Holidays!  And you can too!  In less than one hour.

Let's make a pillow cover! 

Here are pictures of the pillows we made, but of course the possibilities are endless.  All you need is a piece of background fabric (we used a nice loose weave linen), some fusible fleece, a ruler, a marker, a sewing machine and some thread.  You can use the same fabric from the front for your backing, or pick another suitable fabric.



For today's tutorial, we are making a Christmas pillow that can also be used year round if you like that sort of thing.  Many people do.  Let's begin.  It might be nice to play some Christmas music now, or just hum "Oh Holy Night".  The choice is yours.

After you have selected your fabric(s) and ribbons, pick a pillow form that is either 16" square, 14" square, 12" square or 12" x 16". Of course you can go bigger or smaller if you like.

Cut of square (or rectangle) from your pillow front fabric that is the exact same measurement as the pillow form.  Do not add any seam allowance.  This will make the pillow form fill out the pillow better.

Choose the placement of your ribbons.  Use your imagination - use the design pictured - whatever you like.  Lay the ribbon on top of the front fabric (facing up).  Play around until you find a layout that you like.

It's fine to let the ribbon hang off the ends for now. 

Next, use a ruler to make the placement of the bottom and top ribbons.  We used a Hera Marker but any fabric marker will do.  If you have never tried a Hera marker, you really should.  It makes a crease in the fabric that's easily visible without having to mark it with chalk or ink.  You can get one at JoAnns.

Using thread to match your ribbon, sew the ribbon to the linen using an edge stitching foot (if you have one) or you can use your straight stitch foot and stitch along the edge of the ribbon 1/8" from the edge.  Your presser foot should have a mark showing this width.  That helps.

Sew straight off the edge.  There is no need to backstitch.  Sew down the other side of the ribbon in the same manner.

Now, line up the next ribbon under your presser foot using the outer right edge of your presser foot as a guide.  There is no need to pin your ribbon down.  Just use the edge of your presser foot running along the edge of the previously sewn ribbon as your guide for even spacing.


If you want to vary the distances between the ribbons, or stitch a ribbon using a wider spacing, you will need to mark it again with a ruler.  But no need for that!  Make it easy on yourself.  Sew down the other side of the ribbon.

Continue stitching down the ribbons until all of the ribbons are sewn down both sides.

Trim the ribbons to be even with the edge of the backing.

Admire your work.  You are good!

Set the pillow top aside for now.

Now we'll make the envelope back.

To figure out the size you need to cut your backing fabric, divide the measurement for the length of the pillow top in half.  For example, here we are using a 14" square for our top, so that measurement is 7".  Now add 3" to that measurement for the overlap and the hem.  Cut TWO pieces of the background fabric to the correct measurement ( ours is 14" wide by 10" long).

Next - this step is optional, but highly recommended for a professional finish.  Cut 3 pieces of Fusible Fleece (we use Pellon 987F fusible fleece): one piece that is the same size as the pillow top, and 2 pieces the same size as your 2 backing pieces. 

Following the manufacturer's directions (and Lord knows what they are, I always wing it) fuse the fleece to the wrong side of your three pillow pieces. 

Now, it's time to hem the bottom edges of the two pillow back pieces.  A great way to get an even hem is to use something called a bridge stitch.  Using a regular stitch length, sew a line of stitching 1/2" in from the edge of the fabric along the width of the backing. 

This line of stitching gives you a nice crisp edge to turn under.  Just fold the fabric back to the line of stitching, and press.

Now turn the hem under another 1/2" inch and press.  Edge stitch the hem in place.  Do the same for both of the backing pieces.

Next, lay the pillow top face up on your table and place one of the pillow back pieces face down on top of it, lining up the top raw edges.


Then lay the second pillow back piece on top of the first, lining up the bottom raw edges.  Pin all the layers together.

That's Cindy's new shoe (one of two) in the picture. Cute!

Sew completely around the outer edges using a 1/2" seam allowance.

Trim the corners and turn the pillow cover inside out.

 Stuff that pillow form inside.  Push out the corners of your pillow form up into the corners of the cover to really fill it out. 

 You are done!

Wow!  That is amazing!  Did you really make that yourself?

I'd love to see what combinations you guys come up with.  If you'd like to make one like any of ours, we have kits available here.  Kits include everything you need to make the pillows pictured except for the pillow form.  Well, and a sewing machine, of course.  They're $25 and quantities are limited!

 That's it.  Stay tuned for our next episode.

Pam and Cindy


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22 Jul 2012

I've decided I like a Blog Hop.  I like blogs, and hopping, and prizes, so we're a perfect match. We should do this more often.  And now (drumroll, please) it is time to announce the Winner.  The Winner will receive a copy of Jane Sassaman's amazing new book, Patchwork Sassaman Style, and 2 Yards of gorgeous Jane Sassaman fabric to get them started on their very own masterpiece. And the Winner is...

Tammy Welshon!

Congratulations, Tammy!  Email me your address so I can get your fabric out to you ASAP.  For the rest of you, do not worry.  We will have the book available for sale soon.  It is due here in early August.  And we always carry a large selection of Jane's fabrics.  Because we love them!

Coming Next...

The Dress Tutorial!  Do not miss it!

Size looks about right.

Talk to you soon!


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15 Jul 2012

It's Today! Today is The Day!

And I am late. Blame Godzilla.  Blame Ultraman.

DEFINITELY blame Ultraman.  He was running around the hotel in a frenzy this morning, and that made it hard to concentrate.  But I will not be stopped in my quest to celebrate Ms. Sassaman.  Not by Ultraman, Deadzilla, not Mothra, and certainly not King Ghiddora. (I'm with my family at Godzilla Fest, for those who might not know.) But let us not tarry.  Monsters and Heroes alike can wait as it is:

July 15! Jane Sassaman Day at Del Ray Fabrics. I've been anticipating this day for weeks- ever since I got my hot little hands on Jane's new book, Patchwork Sassaman Style.  

I love Jane Sassaman.  Her quilts, her fabrics, her very self.  The Kaleidoscope quilt (which is in the book) was one of the first quilts I ever made.  I saw the picture in a magazine and fell in love.  Upon seeing it, one of my oldest and dearest friends fell in love with it too, so I gave it to her.  (Of course I made sure I had enough fabric to make another.  I'm not crazy.)  It was on her bed for years and years until it finally started to fall apart.  (Most likely because I hadn't quite mastered binding when I made it. Don't tell her.)  I've also made the Lone Star quilt from a picture on Jane's Blog - and that pattern is here in this book too. So after hearing my endless bragging and preening about these JS-inspired creations, everyone here was ready to show me up and make their own project.  The book shows many ways to use Jane's fabric - and actually, all large incredibly beautiful prints - to make stunning quilts that will amaze and awe your friends.  And best of all, she gives such easy to follow instructions that the quilts come together quickly and easily.  Cindy decided to make the Broken Star quilt in a combination of Early Birds and Sunshine and Shadow with this result:

It took her no time at all.  

Michelle started cutting strips of Early Birds and laying them out to make this simple but dramatic quilt from the book:

And YOU TOO can make a gorgeous quilt!  In honor of this Very Special Day, we are giving away a copy of the book along with 2 yards of Jane's Strawberry Serenade fabric from her Early Birds collection.  Just leave a comment on this blog and the winner will be chosen by random. Or Ultraman, if I can run him down.


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04 Jul 2012

Happy Fourth of July!

First, let me assure you that the dress tutorial is in the works and will be in this spot very very soon.  But today, I have some very exciting news!  News I wanted to share with you before today, but due to the heat that led to the freak windstorm that turned my life into an episode of Survivor (minus Jeff Probst), it was delayed.  But we're back up and running, thank goodness.  I apologize to my fellow bloggers! 

Alas, I will tarry no longer and announce:

The Jane Sassaman Blog Tour!

It's all about Jane's new book, Patchwork Sassaman Style:

Visit the blogs on the day listed and leave a comment to win the book, and lots of other prizes, too.  I'll be doing mine on July 15, and I am sure that we will have truly incredible and breath-taking prizes, as well as an insightful and entertaining blog. 

Here is the schedule so do not delay any further!  We are already behind!

July 2 Laura Wasilowski

July 3 Jessica Sloan

July 4 TODAY!  Happy 4th!

July 5  Judy Coates Perez

July 6  Jane Sassaman!

July 7 Linda Teufel

July 8  Gloria Hansen

July 9  Melissa Peda

July 10  Susan B. Knapp

July 11  Jacquie Gering

July 12  Weeks Ringle

July 13  SewCalGal

July 14 Jessica Kovach

July 15 Shucks, it's me!

July 16  Frieda Anderson

July 17  Pat Sloan

July 18  Jan Krentz

July 19  Anita Grossman Solomon

July 20  Lyric Kinard

July 21  The Quilt Show

July 22 Jane La Fazio

July 23 Free Spirit Fabrics

July 24 Nancy Zieman

So there you have it.  Time to get clicking and winning!  I'll be back with the winner of the Mama Said Sew Bundle AND the dress tutorial - I promise!

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